Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Divorce, Saudi Style

In Islam, at least the Saudi brand of Islam, you can be divorced at the behest of your family and not even know it. That's what happened to Fatima and Mansour al-Timani who, two years ago, opened their door to find police serving Mansour with papers telling him that his marriage had been annulled nearly a year earlier. Fatima's relatives had gotten the divorce on grounds that she'd married beneath the status of her extended family. The couple, who have two children, have been forced to live apart ever since.

Fatima and Mansour didn't take this assault on their marriage sitting down. They sued to reverse the ruling, publicized their case, and sought help from a Saudi human rights group. Finally, they fled to Jeddah on Saudi Arabia's coast and tried to live anonymously. Unfortunately, police soon found them there and arrested the couple for living together "illegally". Fatima was given the choice of living with her mother or going to jail; she chose jail. Mansour tried again to appeal the divorce decree but a Riyadh court ruled against him in 2007. Now, the couple's only hope is a pardon from King Abdullah. Is this insane or what?!

How are Islam's apologists going to defend this? It's culture, not Islam? It's fundamentalism, not true Islam? It's for women's protection? Let's face it. There IS no rationalization for this medieval practice. That your marriage could be stolen from you and you jailed, along with your children, for living with your "ex-spouse" is simply outrageous. But this is the mentality that Muslims are bringing into the kafir nations, especially the Western ones where Muslim immigration and birthrates are skyrocketing.

We kafirs must fight back! If we continue down our current appeasing, multiculturalist, pc road we will ensure the death of our civilizations. Islam will gain the ascendancy and we'll wake up in a world where our marriages are as sacrosanct and personal as toilet paper; where rape victims are jailed; where changing our religion is illegal; and where naming a toy after the "prophet" is a capital offense. Fatima and Mansour al-Timani are the proverbial canaries in the mine. How many more canaries will it take to rouse the kafir giant?


English Rose said...

The thing is we are fighting against time and time is short, we have got to make a stance soon. We have got to demand Labour leave office, enough protesters may be enough to bring it into the public eye.

Anonymous said...

The divorce of Fatima and Mansour caught me by surprise. I think they had concealed their state of divorce to their family for some time or so I read. I don't know why couples make so much fuss over terminating their relation ship, if they used Viagra Online they wouldn't have any trouble.