Monday, March 27, 2006

This Is Sharia

The case of Afghan Christian Abdul Rahman illustrates why so many people in the West fear Islam.

Rahman converted to Christianity 16 years ago while working in Germany. The new "democratic" Afghan government, whose constitution guarantees freedom of religion, is now trying him for the "crime" of converting from Islam. If found guilty, Mr. Rahman will be executed according to Sharia law. To be fair, Afghan president Harmid Karzai is trying to save Mr. Rahman's life, but the hardline mullahs who control the judicial system insist that Mr. Rahman must die for "humiliating Allah".

I hope all those moderate Muslims whom everyone keeps talking about but no one ever sees will finally get a voice and speak out against this outrage. This case shows that there is and can be no real religious, or any other kind of freedom, where Sharia rules. If Muslims think that those Danish cartoons insulted their faith, what do they think Westerners will make of executing someone for converting from one religion to another? Such an act will create far more animosity toward Islam than a few amaturish drawings ever could.

Let's be reasonable, or is reason verboten in Islam? Mr. Rahman converted to Christianity over a decade ago. If Allah was humiliated by that act don't you think he would've done something about it then? And how, exactly, does Mr. Rahman's conversion humiliate Allah? If his conversion was the result of deep soul searching and careful study of Islam's and Christianity's competing claims, isn't is possible that Allah might be pleased to see one of his creations using the brain that he gave him? Even if Mr. Rahman's conversion was purely mercenary, how does that humiliate Allah? Does it stop other Muslims from practicing their faith? Does it stop non-Muslims from converting to Islam? No, and no.

Muslims have grown in number since Mr. Rahman's conversion. There has been no loss to the dar al Islam because one man opted to think for himself and chose another faith. And that's what this is really all about. Mr. Rahman isn't facing execution for converting to Christianity; he's facing execution for thinking independently. Sharia is about punishing freedom of thought. Now the world knows that, and that really is a loss for Islam.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Welcome to Kafir Warrior!

Welcome to Kafir Warrior! On this blog I'm going to express my dislike for Islam or, at least, certain parts of it, and explain why I feel that way. I also hope to educate my readers about the real history of Islam's interaction with the non-Islamic world and why the current clash of civilizations is NOT the West's fault. So again, welcome to Kafir Warrior, fighting Islam right!