Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hudna, Taqqiya, And Carter! Oh My!

After making a total fool of himself by meeting with the Hamas terrorists as if they were legitimate leaders, former US president Jimmy Carter tried to save face by proclaiming that Hamas is willing to make a truce with Israel. Isn't that nice.

Carter, a typical delusional liberal collaborator with Islamofascism, came home bearing word of Hamas' "truce" like Neville Chamberlain returning from Germany waving his infamous Peace of Paper. Carter, anxious to believe in the goodwill of terrorists, thinks he's secured peace in the Middle East, or at least a viable step in that direction. What a buffoon!

If Jimmy Carter used the brain God gave him he'd know of the Islamic practice of hudna, whereby Muslims, when weak, are allowed to make a truce of no more than 10 years with their enemies. Guess how long Hamas' proposed "truce" with Israel is? Hamas doesn't have the slightest interest in peace. It's just buying time for the Palestinians to get strong enough to wipe Israel out. End of story.

But just in case Hamas promised Mr. Carter that it really does want an end to hostilities there's another Islamic practice I'm sure Carter chose not to know about. Muslims are allowed to lie to infidels in order to advance the cause of Allah. This practice, as many of you know, is called taqqiya. Taqqiya and hudna are a deadly combo. So, all Carter has to show for his "diplomacy" is how skillfully Muslims can play gullible Westerners predisposed to believe the worst about Israel and their own civilization.

Jimmy Carter is a disgrace to America, the West, and all kafirs. And he's dangerous. He's willing to sell out his culture to achieve a live-and-let-live peace the Muslims will never accept. The only peace they want is the peace of our conversion, submission, or death. It is the peace of global Islamic domination. And with leftard former presidents like Jimmy Carter lose in the world, they just might get it.