Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Osama the Racist

You've all heard by now of Osama bin Laden's (OBL) new taped message. In it the Sultan of Savagery accused the West of waging a war on Islam--what else is new?--and pointed to the West's financial embargo of the Palestininans' new Hamas government as "proof". OBL is a nut and maybe, if you think about it, a racist, too.

Yes, America and the EU cut off the Hamas government financially, but how does that equate to a war on Islam? It doesn't, unless you believe that Arab Muslims are the only Muslims that matter, and that's just what OBL seems to think. How else to explain his view that cutting off Hamas means attacking Islam, even when the West maintains diplomatic and financial relations with non-Arab Muslim countries? And what about OBL's support for the murderous, Arab Muslim regime in Sudan?

In his taped message, OBL called on his supporters to join the jihad in Sudan. What he didn't mention is the fact that Sudan's Arab government is, and has been for years, waging genocide not only against black Sudanese Christians in the south, but also, in Darfur, against black Sudanese Muslims. So, in OBL's world, it's not enough to be Muslim to be the good guy, you have to be Arab and Muslim to count. All you non-Arab Muslims who think that OBL is on your side, think again. All you Black Muslims in America who believe that Islam is inherently non-racist, think again. OBL thinks opposing Arab Hamas means opposing all of Islam. OBL supports the genocidal killing of blacks in Sudan. That makes him a racist in my book. What does it make him in yours?