Monday, March 31, 2008

Fitna The Movie -Original English Version- [Part 1]

You've heard of it, now see it!

I can't believe "Fitna", the anti-Islam film by Dutch PM Geert Wilders,is still on YouTube. But you can bet it won't be for long. Soon, I'm sure, YT will cave to the threats from peaceful Muslims like its British counterpart LiveLeak did. That's why I'm grabbing it for Kafir Warrior, so there will be a place for this warning to be seen by all us unbelievers who're the targets of Islamic imperialism.

God bless Geert Wilders for his courage and may He keep him safe from Mohammed's fanatics.

Fitna The Movie -Original English Version- [Part 2]

Here's part two of the movie Muslims didn't want us kafirs to see. Now that we've seen it I hope us kafirs, the House of War as Mohammed's followers call us, will rise up in defense of our peoples, our faiths, and our lands. Islam MUST NOT take over the world!!!!! It will be a dark age from which mankind may never recover.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

They Have Killed Again

A gunman opened fire on a Jewish seminary in Jerusalem today, killing seven people. The militant Palestinian Islamic group Hamas, while not claiming responsiblity for the attack praised it saying, "We bless the [Jesusalem] operation" and promising it wouldn't be the last. Thousands of jubilant Gazans poured into the streets firing guns in the air in celebration. Sound familiar? It's the same thing those "moderate" Muslims did after the 9/11 attacks.

This attack was barbaric; it was intended to kill civilians and only civilians. The Muslim gunman, who was killed himself, was a war criminal. Hopefully Israel will have the balls to respond to this massacre of her people appropriately and without caring what an anti-Semitic world thinks. We kafirs, including Jews, have the God-given right and duty to defend our lives, our nations, our faiths, and our cultures against jihad. We must not submit to an Islamic order. That will be the death of our civilizations. I am one kafir not ready to disappear.