Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Baby Beheader

Last night, while watching The Glenn Beck Show (TGBS), I got a shocking reminder of the evil that is Islam. In the segment called The Real Story, Glenn Beck, the host of TGBS, revealed the existence of a video showing the beheading of an accused American spy in Afghanistan. What made this video more horrifying than usual is that the beheader was a little boy no more than 12 years old. That's right. Muslims are now getting their children to do their monstrous work.

Glenn Beck stated that the video, shown on Al-Arabiya television, would never be shown in America. On his show Beck could only show two photos taken from the video, one of the boy beheader and one of his blindfolded victim. American news stations justified their refusal to air the footage on the grounds that doing so would only encourage more beheadings. Gee, I wonder what's encouraged all of the beheadings there've been so far? Could it be Islam? I know, I'm not supposed to even think of such a question, let alone ask it out loud. But I will ask it out loud.

I'm sick and tired of this slavish devotion to a corrupt multiculturalism that prevents the West from naming its enemies and revealing the evil that they do. The jihadis are now using their own children--children!--to commit murder, to the cheers of warped adults. The jihadis march in the streets of London and other Western cities openly proclaiming their plan to destroy Europe and the West. BEHEAD THOSE WHO MOCK ISLAM, EUROPE YOU WILL PAY YOUR 9/11 IS ON ITS WAY, and PREPARE FOR THE REAL HOLOCAUST read some of their signs. They do this and we do nothing. To object in any way is to be racist, we're told. So, to prove our anti-racist credentials, we ignore, excuse, and even enable the Muslims who want our heads.

None of this appeasement will save us. The Muslims mean to wipe Western, Christian civilization off the map and replace it with a global Islamic state. They will do anything and everything to achieve that goal because they believe Allah wills it. If you don't think so, remember the baby beheader in Afghanistan. Decapitating the "spy" was only the beginning; his next stop will be London, Amsterdam, or Washington, D.C., and he'll be coming after you and me. Let him taste steel when he comes.

Protect us, O God, from the wrath of the Muslims!