Thursday, June 08, 2006

We Got the Bastard!

Ding! Dong! The Nazi's dead!

Which Nazi?

The sand Nazi!

Ding! Dong! The sand Nazi is dead!

Hail to our airmen! On intelligence provided by Jordan our brave fighters launched an airstrike that successfully killed badly wanted terrorist Al-Zarqawi (I don't remember his first name and don't care to) and seven of his "spiritual" advisors. Oh happy day!!!!!!!

All Zarqawi brought to Iraq was death and destruction. He didn't build one school, staff one hospital, repair one water pipe, or bring electricity to one home. No, he and his followers maniacally fought every effort by America and the coalition to do the above mentioned things and make life better for all Iraqis. So it is a tremendous blessing for Iraq, America, and the world that this sorry excuse for a human being is dead (and he ain't gettin' any virgins in hell). Hopefully, this gift of Zarqawi's death will inspire Iraqis to work for a future for their country and life, not "martydom", for their children.

I know that Zarqawi's death won't mean that the Iraq war will be over soon. Tomorrow our troops--God bless 'em!-- will be back to the hard and dangerous task of killing Zarqawi wannabes. But today I, and hopefully many others worldwide, will take some time out to, as it says in one of the Psalms, "dance in the blood of the wicked".