Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hudna, Taqqiya, And Carter! Oh My!

After making a total fool of himself by meeting with the Hamas terrorists as if they were legitimate leaders, former US president Jimmy Carter tried to save face by proclaiming that Hamas is willing to make a truce with Israel. Isn't that nice.

Carter, a typical delusional liberal collaborator with Islamofascism, came home bearing word of Hamas' "truce" like Neville Chamberlain returning from Germany waving his infamous Peace of Paper. Carter, anxious to believe in the goodwill of terrorists, thinks he's secured peace in the Middle East, or at least a viable step in that direction. What a buffoon!

If Jimmy Carter used the brain God gave him he'd know of the Islamic practice of hudna, whereby Muslims, when weak, are allowed to make a truce of no more than 10 years with their enemies. Guess how long Hamas' proposed "truce" with Israel is? Hamas doesn't have the slightest interest in peace. It's just buying time for the Palestinians to get strong enough to wipe Israel out. End of story.

But just in case Hamas promised Mr. Carter that it really does want an end to hostilities there's another Islamic practice I'm sure Carter chose not to know about. Muslims are allowed to lie to infidels in order to advance the cause of Allah. This practice, as many of you know, is called taqqiya. Taqqiya and hudna are a deadly combo. So, all Carter has to show for his "diplomacy" is how skillfully Muslims can play gullible Westerners predisposed to believe the worst about Israel and their own civilization.

Jimmy Carter is a disgrace to America, the West, and all kafirs. And he's dangerous. He's willing to sell out his culture to achieve a live-and-let-live peace the Muslims will never accept. The only peace they want is the peace of our conversion, submission, or death. It is the peace of global Islamic domination. And with leftard former presidents like Jimmy Carter lose in the world, they just might get it.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Fitna The Movie -Original English Version- [Part 1]

You've heard of it, now see it!

I can't believe "Fitna", the anti-Islam film by Dutch PM Geert Wilders,is still on YouTube. But you can bet it won't be for long. Soon, I'm sure, YT will cave to the threats from peaceful Muslims like its British counterpart LiveLeak did. That's why I'm grabbing it for Kafir Warrior, so there will be a place for this warning to be seen by all us unbelievers who're the targets of Islamic imperialism.

God bless Geert Wilders for his courage and may He keep him safe from Mohammed's fanatics.

Fitna The Movie -Original English Version- [Part 2]

Here's part two of the movie Muslims didn't want us kafirs to see. Now that we've seen it I hope us kafirs, the House of War as Mohammed's followers call us, will rise up in defense of our peoples, our faiths, and our lands. Islam MUST NOT take over the world!!!!! It will be a dark age from which mankind may never recover.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

They Have Killed Again

A gunman opened fire on a Jewish seminary in Jerusalem today, killing seven people. The militant Palestinian Islamic group Hamas, while not claiming responsiblity for the attack praised it saying, "We bless the [Jesusalem] operation" and promising it wouldn't be the last. Thousands of jubilant Gazans poured into the streets firing guns in the air in celebration. Sound familiar? It's the same thing those "moderate" Muslims did after the 9/11 attacks.

This attack was barbaric; it was intended to kill civilians and only civilians. The Muslim gunman, who was killed himself, was a war criminal. Hopefully Israel will have the balls to respond to this massacre of her people appropriately and without caring what an anti-Semitic world thinks. We kafirs, including Jews, have the God-given right and duty to defend our lives, our nations, our faiths, and our cultures against jihad. We must not submit to an Islamic order. That will be the death of our civilizations. I am one kafir not ready to disappear.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Don't Believe It

The Gallup polling group has just come out with a survey "proving" that the vast majority of Muslims aren't radical and condemn the 9/11 attacks on America. According to the poll 93% of Muslims worldwide are moderate while "only" 7% are radical. And the radicals, we're told, are that way because of politics not religion. Thus, Islam is absolved of being the inspiration for the horrors done in its name. How convenient. And that's why I don't believe this poll.

According to the Yahoo! News article, the Gallup survey was conducted to "[seek] to dispel the belief held by some in the West that Islam itself is the driving force for radicalism". In other words, the survey had a preconceived goal in mind. And just so us Westerners understand how ignorant of and prejudiced against Muslims we really are, the Gallup survey revealed that radical Muslims were no more religious than their moderate counterparts and even "believe in democracy more than the...moderates do". I'm not making this up.

I don't doubt that the Muslims who participated in this survey did say the positive things Gallup claims. The problem is that little doctrine called taqqiya* which allows Muslims to lie to kafirs to help Islam. I can't think of a better opportunity to practice taqqiya than this survey. Tell the Western kafirs what they desperately want to believe then let their media spread it all over the globe. Apologists for Islam can then seize on this poll to bolster their claims that Muhammad's religion is really peaceful and that the Koran quoting decapitators and suicide bombers are aberrations. Taqqiya has done its job.

We kafirs can't afford to take this survey at face value. Doing so could mean signing our own death certificate. We must keep our guard up and never forget the goal of the enemy we face. Muslims aim to conquer, convert, or kill us and any means are permissible to achieve that end. We must ALWAYS fight back, using the Muslims' means against them. Our very lives depend on it.

*I'm not sure of the spelling.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ding! Dong! The Witch Is Dead!

Well, not really. But if Saudi "justice" has it's way Fawaz Falih will have her head separated from her body for the crime of being a witch. The evidence against Falih, which included a confession the illiterate woman signed without knowing what it said and after being tortured, was flimsy to say the least. An appeals court did rule against the death penalty for Falih but a lower court reinstated it, apparently to send a message to all Saudis that they'd better not even think of casting spells in the Kingdom. The only thing that can save Falih now is a pardon from King Abdullah.

Where are the liberals on this one? Where are the wiccans and neo-pagans who attack Christianity at the drop of a hat? Why isn't Code Pink marching outside the Saudi embassy? Why isn't Rosie O'Donnell ranting against this on her blog? We all know why. It's like Ann Coulter said, the Left doesn't want to fight Islamic fundamentalism because doing so would "put them on the same side as the United States". How sad. There's at least one person who would love to be on the side of the United States. Let us pray that she'll get the chance. God save Fawaz Falih.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Jesus Over Muhammad!

Christians are to be the superior religious group on the earth. The Quran says so! Don't believe me? Then check this out: Behold! Allah said: "O Jesus! I will take thee and raise thee to Myself and clear thee (of the falsehoods) of those who blaspheme; I will make those who follow thee superior to those who reject faith, to the Day of Resurrection. Then shall ye all return unto me, and I will judge between you of the matters wherein ye dispute." The Koran, 3:55 (emphasis added).

There it is, folks. The jihadis' own book says that Allah himself will make the followers of Jesus superior to unbelievers "to the Day of Resurrection", i.e., for a looooong time. All those Muslim fanatics marching around with signs saying "Islam will dominate the world!" and killing innocent people to achieve that goal need to reread their book. According to it they, the followers of Muhammad, are NOT destined to rule over unbelievers. That prestigious position is given to the Christians. Those jihadis had better start converting NOW!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Divorce, Saudi Style

In Islam, at least the Saudi brand of Islam, you can be divorced at the behest of your family and not even know it. That's what happened to Fatima and Mansour al-Timani who, two years ago, opened their door to find police serving Mansour with papers telling him that his marriage had been annulled nearly a year earlier. Fatima's relatives had gotten the divorce on grounds that she'd married beneath the status of her extended family. The couple, who have two children, have been forced to live apart ever since.

Fatima and Mansour didn't take this assault on their marriage sitting down. They sued to reverse the ruling, publicized their case, and sought help from a Saudi human rights group. Finally, they fled to Jeddah on Saudi Arabia's coast and tried to live anonymously. Unfortunately, police soon found them there and arrested the couple for living together "illegally". Fatima was given the choice of living with her mother or going to jail; she chose jail. Mansour tried again to appeal the divorce decree but a Riyadh court ruled against him in 2007. Now, the couple's only hope is a pardon from King Abdullah. Is this insane or what?!

How are Islam's apologists going to defend this? It's culture, not Islam? It's fundamentalism, not true Islam? It's for women's protection? Let's face it. There IS no rationalization for this medieval practice. That your marriage could be stolen from you and you jailed, along with your children, for living with your "ex-spouse" is simply outrageous. But this is the mentality that Muslims are bringing into the kafir nations, especially the Western ones where Muslim immigration and birthrates are skyrocketing.

We kafirs must fight back! If we continue down our current appeasing, multiculturalist, pc road we will ensure the death of our civilizations. Islam will gain the ascendancy and we'll wake up in a world where our marriages are as sacrosanct and personal as toilet paper; where rape victims are jailed; where changing our religion is illegal; and where naming a toy after the "prophet" is a capital offense. Fatima and Mansour al-Timani are the proverbial canaries in the mine. How many more canaries will it take to rouse the kafir giant?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bin Laden: Peace Activist?

I just read something incredible on Yahoo! News. According to Yahoo! News the Associated Press has interviewed Osama bin Laden's son--or a guy claiming to be OBL's son--Omar bin Laden, and he says he wants to make peace between his father and the West. I'm not sure what to make of this.

First, I'm not sure I even believe that Omar, who claims he left Osama in Afghanistan in 2000, is the son of the Notorious OBL. Second, even if he is Osama's son I don't believe his peace offering. In the AP interview Omar says he was to be "an ambassador of peace" between Muslims and the West yet he refuses to denounce Osama, claiming that his Dad only wants to defend the Islamic people. How can Omar really want peace if he won't condemn his father's evil deeds?

Omar bin Laden says there's another way other than militancy to defend Islam. So does he think that Islam is under attack? And if so, by whom? The West? And if the West, just how is the West doing it? Every year millions of Muslims come to the West to live, work, and/or study. Is that an attack on Islam? Muslims in the West practice their religion more freely than they could in many Muslim countries, especially if they belong to minority Muslim sects. Is that an attack on Islam? I need to know if and how the West is attacking Islam before I'll buy the idea that Osama is just acting in self-defense.

And then there's the Islamic doctrine of hudna. Islam is imperialist. It's stated goal is world conquest. And in pursuit of that goal many strageties are permitted. A full frontal assault can be launched on the infidels when Muslims are strong, but when Muslims are weak a truce, or hudna, can be made with the infidels UNTIL THE MUSLIMS REGAIN THEIR STRENGTH. Thus, a hudna is NOT a genuine truce or peace treaty. Its purpose is NOT a permanent end to hostilities. Rather, a hudna is a ruse to convince the infidels to lay down their arms and their guard just long enough for the Muslims to get the upperhand on them. So I have to ask: Is Omar bin Laden really offering us peace, or just a hudna? I don't know for sure but my gut is telling me to beware of Muslims, especially those named bin Laden, bearing gifts.