Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Enough With the Groveling!

Pope Benedict the XVI is still trying to smooth out the Islamic feathers his quoting of a Byzantine emperor ruffled a week ago. Yesterday the Pontiff met with twenty--twenty!--representatives of Islamic nations to virtually apologize for quoting that medieval ruler. I say, ENOUGH! Enough of this groveling with a captital "G"! When are we Westerners going to learn that no amount of frightened-dog groveling and/or apologizing will ever satisfy Muslims? Why do we insist on believing that if we just bend over backwards to show respect for Islam then everything will be ok and we can go back to living our cozy, comfortable lives?

When 3000 Americans were killed on 9/11, did any Muslim ruler have an audience with Western leaders to assure them and their people that the attack was an abomination that had nothing to do with real Islam? Did any Muslim ruler have such an audience with Western leaders after the Madrid train bombings or the London subway and bus bombings? No, no, and again, no. Let's remember what Muslims did do after 9/11: they danced in the streets. They passed out candy to their children and cheered. That's what they did. And we're supposed to just accept it. But if one of us merely criticizes Islam or Muhammad our property can be firebombed and we can be murdered. And we're supposed to just accept that, too.

I say, NO! It's time to start telling Muslims the truth whether they like it or not. It's time to stand firmly and bravely against their ultimate goal--the global imposition of Sharia law. It's time to boldly proclaim that they are the real imperialists and that the West is the shining shield of civilization protecting humanity from Koranic darkness. Westerners, we are at war for our very survival and our way of life is worth defending. So, to paraphrase Sonny Corleone, no more trying to patch things up; it's time to WIN!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

This Is the Religion of Peace

The religion of peace strikes again.

In an effort to show how loving and misunderstood by Westerners Islam really is, apoplectic Mohammedans rioted, vandalized, threatened Christians, and murdered a nun in reaction to the Pope's quoting of a medievel emperor's criticism of Islam. Gee, I feel so much better seeing the peace and tolerance of Islam.

Apparently in peaceful Islam--the true Islam--riots and murders are the proper response to critical words but not to the slaughter of innocent people. Oh no. When people are actually killed it's party time--if those people are infidels. And everyone who's not a Muslim is an infidel.

Moderate Muslims will claim that the rioters, vandals, and killers don't represent true Islam, but if that's so why don't these moderates ever take to the streets in angry protest against the extremists they say are distorting their faith? Perhaps because there are no really moderate Muslims. Maybe "moderate" Muslims are just Muslims who disagree with the methods of the militants but not with their objectives. And because the "moderates" and the militants do have the same objectives, the "moderates" aren't going to make too much of a fuss about the methods, no matter how violent they may be.

Or maybe there are moderate Muslims, but they're scared stiff of the militants and don't want to risk their lives to oppose them. Either way, Islam will continue to be "misunderstood" by Westerners as long as Muslims keep behaving the way they've been for the last few days. And I expect them to do just that.

Welcome to the religion of peace.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Rudolf Hess Revisted

On May 10, 1941, during the Blitz on London, Nazi Rudolf Hess flew to England in hopes of persuading King George VI to sack prime minister Winston Churchill, make peace with Germany and then join Germany in a war against the Soviet Union. Of course Hess failed, but his action has inspired today's sand Nazis to try a similar stunt of their own.

Former Iranian president Mohammed Khatami is coming to America. He is scheduled to speak in the National Cathedral and, on the eve of the 5th anniversary of 9/11, at Harvard. In fact, Harvard invited Khatami to speak as part of a conference on, of all things, tolerance. We really are living in bizarro world.

While current Iranian president Ahmadinejad calls for the extermination of Israel and demands that the US bow down to Iranian "greatness", former president Khatami tries to play good cop by coming to America to discuss tolerance. I hope that most Americans are savvy enough not to buy this Muslim maniac's mutterings, but I fear that a significant segment of my people are not. For unlike in the days of WWII, many Americans, and other Westerners, now are consumed with the twin poisons of multiculturalism and guilt over racism/colonialism, and don't really believe that America and the West are worth defending. Thus, they are eager to swallow any propaganda, no matter the source, if it will free them from having to acknowledge and confront the evil of militant Islam.

I don't know exactly what sand Nazi Khatami will say in the Cathedral or at Harvard. I'm certain, though, it'll be something that will have the "Blame America First" crowd cheering. Today's sand Nazis learned much from their predecessors but they've gone one better: they've learned how to make us hate ourselves more than we hate them. That's their most powerful weapon against us; even Rudolf Hess didn't have it. It's time we deployed an equally powerful defense. Truth.