Friday, December 07, 2007

Islam Must Die!!!!

I am so upset I don't know what to do. I just saw a beheading! I think it was Nicholas Berg, but I'm not sure. It hardly matters who it was; what matters is that I saw the barbarism that is Islam with my own eyes. I saw a helpless, innocent human being have his head cut off. Not quickly and cleanly sliced off with a sharp sword or guillotine, which would've been bad enough. No, the Muslim filth cut their victim's head off with a knife, like you'd cut a piece of meat. I heard the victim groaning in agony; I saw his blood gush onto the floor. I'm sick to my stomach and sick to my heart.

This beheading video, and others just like it, was shown on the internet and all over the Arab/Muslim world. The reaction? Silence. Not a peep of criticism or protest from the good, moderate, peaceful Muslims we're constantly told to put our faith in. But what did ruffle their feathers? Cartoons! That's right. The good, moderate, peaceful Muslims rioted in the streets and murdered dozens of people after a Danish newspaper published hand drawn pictures of their "prophet". "Insult to Islam!", they screamed. Yet Muslims slaughtering a man the way most people wouldn't kill an animal is alright. No insult to Islam there. Not even using children to behead people insults their religion, judging from the moderates' silence about it.

I say to hell with moderate Muslims, their "prophet", and their religion. We in the House of War must rise up and put an end to Islam once and for all. As long as it exists we will have neither safety nor peace. Islam must die! It is spiritual smallpox that must be eradicated from the body of mankind. Putting Islam on the trash heap of history is the least we owe to its pitilessly murdered victims. It's what we owe to the man in the video, who's barbaric murder shook my soul.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Muhammad The Killer Bear

Just in case you aren't convinced as to how insane Muslims are here's another horror story to enlightened you.

In Khartoum, Sudan British school teacher Gillian Gibbons was sentenced to 15 days in jail for allowing her second graders to name the class teddy bear Muhammad. Not satisfied with jail time some Sudanese are calling for Ms. Gibbons' execution. That's right, Muslims want this woman killed over a teddy bear.

Of course, Muslims will say that the issue isn't about a teddy bear but about "insulting" Islam, the teddy bear just being the object delivering the insult. But how, exactly, does it insult Islam to name a lovable toy after the Prophet? Couldn't that encourage children to associate Muhammad and Islam with all things good? If the kids in Gibbons' class had named a stuffed pit bull after Muhammad it might, might, be understandable if Muslims took offense, but a teddy bear? C'mon!

Muhammad is the most popular boys' name in the Muslim world. How many men named Muhammad live disgraceful lives? How many are drug dealers, rapists, wife beaters, or child molesters? Isn't that a much greater insult to Islam than naming an inanimate object, which can harm no one, after Islam's founder? Here's a suggestion for all you mad Muslims out there: if you really want to protect your religion's rep, stop naming your kids Muhammad and STOP DEMANDING A WOMAN BE KILLED OVER A TOY!!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Let it Begin with the Muslims

Land for peace. That catchy ditty has been played at least since Jimmy Carter negotiated the "peace" treaty between Egypt and Israel back in the '70's. The idea behind it is that the Palestinians--and other Arabs/Muslims--will love Israel if only she would give them just a little land for a state of their own. Really, that's all the Palestinians are asking for. Just a little land for (just a little) peace. Well, I say that if "land for peace" is such a good thing let the Muslims start it.

You see, the largest ethnic group in the world without a state of its own is NOT the Palestinians but the Kurds. The Kurds number at least 30 million, scattered over five countries: Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Russia. As you can see, four of the five countries are Muslim, like the Kurds themselves. If Muslim countries are so agrieved over the Palestinians not having their own country, shouldn't they be even more agrieved that the 30 million strong Kurds don't have one? Don't bet on it. Not only are the four Muslim countries not sympathetic to the Kurds, they have violently persecuted them for ages. And since the Kurds and their persecutors are all Muslim, the only reason for the oppression has to be racial hatred.

The Kurds are ethnically, culturally, and linguistically distinct from the people amongst whom they live. It's obvious that the non-Kurds hate their Kurdish neighbors, so why not try the solution always proposed for the Israelis? Why don't Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran give up chunks of their land to form a Kurdish state? After all, they'd be helping out their Muslim "brothers" instead of shooting them. Everybody benefits. The Turks, Syrians, Iraqis and Iranians would be rid of a troublesome minority and the Kurds would have freedom from racial oppression PLUS the dignity that comes with being a sovereign people. Sounds like a win/win situation to me. So the next time you hear Muslims whining that terrorism is caused by the Palestinian problem, ask them what their solution to the Kurdish problem is. Then tell them that, like charity, trading land for peace should begin at home.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Islam IS The Enemy

I just read a long and interesting comment on my post, "The House of War", written by Muslims Against Sharia (their site is in the link field). The gist of the comment is that not all Muslims are radicals. MAS insists that moderate Muslims exist and the real difference between them and the radicals is that the moderates reject not only the radicals' methods but also their ultimate goal of world Islamic domination.

I agree with MAS, that's why I put them and the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, run by Zuhdi Jasser, on this blog. I believe that there are moderate Muslims and that they should be recognized and commended when they speak out; I don't believe that Islam is moderate. That's the issue I feel moderate Muslims haven't honestly dealt with. Let me explain it this way.

Suppose a group of radical Nazis committed, in the name of Naziism, a terrible terrorist attack against Jews, killing thousands. In response a group of moderate Nazis start an organization to speak out against the radicals. The moderates insist that they oppose not just the radicals' methods but also their goal of world Nazi domination, and they are sincere. The problem is that Mein Kampf, the holy book of Naziism, teaches not only that Naziism must conquer the world but that Jews must be killed in the process. Clearly, moderate Nazis must reject that doctrine in order to be moderate. But if the moderates reject a fundamental tenet of their professed faith, how can they have any credibility in the larger Nazi community?

And what about the moderates' children? Raised to believe they were Nazis, they'll inevitably see the disconnect between what their parents claim is Naziism and what Mein Kampf says is Naziism. Intellectual honesty--and teenage rebellion--will force them to make a crucial choice. Either they'll reject Naziism all together, rather than continuing to practice the watered down version of their parents; or, they'll become more "pious" and start doing what Mein Kampf, the only authority on Nazi practice, tells them Nazis should do. If they go the latter route more Jews, moderate Nazis, and other "enemies" of Naziism will die. And their parents' attempt at moderation in a fundamentally radical and violent faith will have failed. Do you see the lesson in this parable?

Many Muslims are neither radical nor violent but that is inspite of their faith, not because of it. Moderate Muslims are kidding themselves if they think they're following true, Koranic Islam. They are democratic, pro-human rights, and peaceful; Islam is not. Mohammed's religion can't be moderated; it is inherently imperialist and violent, and as long as it exists there's the risk that someone will take its teachings seriously and act on them, waging endless war. That's why I say Islam is the enemy. It must be fought until it's as defeated and discredited as Naziism. Then and only then will there be the beginning of peace in the world.

Down with jihad! Victory to the House of War!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Difference, Part 3

What's the difference between Jesus and Mohammed? "Jesus raised the dead; Mohammed killed the living."* That's the difference between Jesus and Mohammed. Any questions?

*Quote from the book "Secrets of the Koran", by Don Richardson.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The House of War

It's not well known but Islam, that strange cult that even President Bush insists on calling "a religion of peace", divides the whole of humanity into two parts: Dar al Islam or the House of Islam, and Dar al Harb or the House of War. Guess which house you and I are in.

The House of Islam is that part of humanity that is Muslim or subjugated by Muslims. The House of War is that part of humanity that is not. This stark division reveals the inherently intolerant and violent nature of the Islamic worldview. Don't be confused or deceived. In Islam if you're not a Muslim you're the enemy. The duty of all true Muslims is to convert you or, failing that, subjugate or kill you. Yes, kill you!

We in the kafir nations, especially the Western ones, must understand that we are the House of War; we are at war with Islam, NOT because we choose to be, but because that is how Muslims define us. Simply being non-Muslim is an act of aggression to them because it's seen as rejecting Islam, Muslims not being able to understand that choosing to practice another faith is not automatically an insult to theirs. This is how Muslims throughout history have been able to claim that their myriad wars of conquest were fought in "self-defense".

Like it or not, kafirs, we are in a life and death struggle. It is a struggle not only for the survival of our physical lives but also for our political, cultural and religious lives. It is a struggle for the right to live FREELY as non-Muslims, without paying Muslim overlords tribute in order to be left alone. It is a struggle as old as Islam itself; a struggle faced by every "infidel" who was unwilling to convert or accept second-class status in a Muslim empire. As long as there's Islam, we will have to fight to exist. Accept it: we are the House of War. Take up your sword and FIGHT!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Atefah's Story, Part 6

The end of the tragic story of Atefah Sahaaleh, a 16-year-old girl hanged by the Islamic Republic of Iran for "crimes against chastity". And to think that the leader of this oppresive country has been invited to speak at Columbia University! I hope he will be greeted with cries of "Atefah! Atefah!"

Atefah Sahaaleh must not have died in vain. We owe it to her to fight Islam and ANY attempt to sneak Sharia law into our lands. No other young girl should be murdered by the state because she was sexually abused by an older man.

Fight Sharia Law! Fight Islam! Remember Atefah! Our daughters will one day have nooses around their necks if we don't.

God bless the House of War!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Atefah's Story, Part 5

Welcome to the 7th century. Hanging teenagers who've been raped or sexually expoilted. This is what Islam has in store for the world. Where are the feminists when we need them?!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Atefah's Story, Part 4

Here's the deal folks: if you get raped in an Islamic country, YOU get executed and your rapist gets off with a flogging. And Osama bin Laden wants us to convert to THAT?!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Atefah's Story, Part 3

Atefah's Story, the story of Iranian barbarism, continues.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Atefah's Story, Part 2

The continuing tragedy of Atefah Sahaaleh. Welcome to The Islamic Republic of Iran--a country where 13-year-olds are flogged for acting 13 and the age of consent for girls is nine. NINE. And they call us decadent!!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Atefah's Story, Part 1

For all those who think that radical Islam is no threat to humanity; for all those who believe that all problems in the Middle East are caused by American foreign policy; for all those with an irrational faith in the goodwill of the Islamic Republic of Iran, watch this video!

The 2004 execution of 16-year-old Atefah Sahaaleh for having premarital sex is a brutal reminder of the brutal nature of Sharia Law. If you don't understand why we must win the war against jihad, Atefah's Story will make it clear to you. And if it doesn't, heaven help you.

Friday, September 07, 2007

The Difference, Part 2

What's the difference between America and Islamic countries? In America if a man rapes a father's daughter the father kills the rapist. In Islamic countries if a man rapes a father's daughter the father kills the daughter. That's the difference between America and Islamic countries. Got it?

Monday, September 03, 2007

Cowardly Koreans

In the fight against jihad all kafir nations must be resolute in the face of Islamic barbarism. Remember, this is an international struggle. The jihadis are not fighting only America as some wishfully think. No, the jihadis hate ALL "infidels", i.e. non-Muslims, and are fighting to either convert, conquer, or kill us all. Every kafir is a warrior in this struggle because the jihadis have targeted all of us, whether we like it or not. Any capitulation by one kafir nation endangers all kafir nations. That's why the deal made with the Taliban by South Korea (SK) is so disturbing.

If you recall, the Taliban kidnapped and held hostage 23 Korean Christians doing humanitarian work in Afghanistan. After the Taliban murdered two of the Koreans, the SK government brokered a deal with them that ended the crisis. The remaining Koreans were released on condition that SK withdraw its 200 troops from, and end missionary work in, Afghanistan. While its completely understandable that South Korea wanted her people home safely, her surrender to violent Muslims and total disregard for the dangerousness of the precedent she set is beyond shameful.

Understand what happened with this deal. South Korea caved in to the Taliban, and the Taliban know it. Already they've promised more kidnappings and killings of foreigners from countries with troops in Afghanistan. The tactic worked with SK and the Taliban fully expect it to work with other nations. To save the lives of her own people, South Korea willingly endangered the lives of other nations' people. Such self-centeredness and disunity will cripple the kafir nations' struggle against jihad. And that's just what the jihadis want.

We kafirs must be united if we're going to win the war against resurgent Islam. As I stated above, Muslims won't be satisfied until ALL kafirs are converted, subjugated, or killed. Caving in to their blackmail won't save us. It won't even buy us time. As soon as we capitulate once the jihadis will immediately demand more concessions. Unlike us they know exactly what they're fighting for, global Islamic domination, and are singlemindedly committed to victory.

We, the kafir nations, must face the unpleasant truth that our appeasement just won't work. We must abandon our irrational hope that radical Muslims can be changed by our goodwill. They can't. South Korea's troops were working as doctors and engineers; they were helping the Afghan people, as were the missionaries. But to the Taliban they were infidels deserving of only one thing: death.

My desperate hope is that the kafir nations will learn the lesson they need to learn from South Korea's cowardly surrender and its dangerous results. If we don't we'll be singing the song of the minaret, and sooner than we think. Forbid it, almighty God!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hamas Children Come Out To Play

So THIS is how Muslims rock out. Hilarious! (And a little scary, too.)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hamas education for kids

I guess this is how Hamas fighters developed their "superior discipline and skill", as former president Jimmy Carter called it.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Difference

What's the difference between Christianity and Islam? In Christianity martyrs die for their faith; in Islam martyrs kill for their faith. That's the difference. Got it?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Baby Beheader

Last night, while watching The Glenn Beck Show (TGBS), I got a shocking reminder of the evil that is Islam. In the segment called The Real Story, Glenn Beck, the host of TGBS, revealed the existence of a video showing the beheading of an accused American spy in Afghanistan. What made this video more horrifying than usual is that the beheader was a little boy no more than 12 years old. That's right. Muslims are now getting their children to do their monstrous work.

Glenn Beck stated that the video, shown on Al-Arabiya television, would never be shown in America. On his show Beck could only show two photos taken from the video, one of the boy beheader and one of his blindfolded victim. American news stations justified their refusal to air the footage on the grounds that doing so would only encourage more beheadings. Gee, I wonder what's encouraged all of the beheadings there've been so far? Could it be Islam? I know, I'm not supposed to even think of such a question, let alone ask it out loud. But I will ask it out loud.

I'm sick and tired of this slavish devotion to a corrupt multiculturalism that prevents the West from naming its enemies and revealing the evil that they do. The jihadis are now using their own children--children!--to commit murder, to the cheers of warped adults. The jihadis march in the streets of London and other Western cities openly proclaiming their plan to destroy Europe and the West. BEHEAD THOSE WHO MOCK ISLAM, EUROPE YOU WILL PAY YOUR 9/11 IS ON ITS WAY, and PREPARE FOR THE REAL HOLOCAUST read some of their signs. They do this and we do nothing. To object in any way is to be racist, we're told. So, to prove our anti-racist credentials, we ignore, excuse, and even enable the Muslims who want our heads.

None of this appeasement will save us. The Muslims mean to wipe Western, Christian civilization off the map and replace it with a global Islamic state. They will do anything and everything to achieve that goal because they believe Allah wills it. If you don't think so, remember the baby beheader in Afghanistan. Decapitating the "spy" was only the beginning; his next stop will be London, Amsterdam, or Washington, D.C., and he'll be coming after you and me. Let him taste steel when he comes.

Protect us, O God, from the wrath of the Muslims!